Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July

And I am completing, I don't mind.
Anyway, I liked both LivePlasma and MusicMap, the only difference I really noted in my search is MusicMap gave a wider variety in genre related to the search, where as LivePlasma if you search for a rock group it pretty much produced only bands from that genre. Both good tools though.

As far as the whole sharing music thing goes I am on the fence. I definitely understand the musicians point of view. They are artists and creating something, and though they would like to share it, it is also how they make a living. It is somewhat disrespectful. I mean if you stole a Munch (which has happened by the way) or a Dali or a DaVinci and you were caught you would be arrested, so why not have the same risk involved when it comes to music? Then again I...well, maybe I am just going to plead the fifth. Or how about this...I have known "people" who are "guilty" of burning music for their own personal use. However do I think they should be thrown in jail or stuck with a hefty fine? No, I don', yeah, my opinions on this fight amongst themselves.

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